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North Egypt Chamber for D.R.

Legal Innovations

About us

Arbitration Services

NECDR have a number of the most skillful arbitrators in Egypt, through them we can grantee a first class professional service.

We are proud of having the knowledge of almost all the arbitration rules which is useable in Egypt and in the whole world.

As we are Egyptian ADR experts we all carry the precious title "Counselor" which is a title to be carried only, in Egypt, by the Judges and ADR experts whom belong to a de jure ADR institute. So our clients can be 100% certain that their cases are to be handled only by Counselors.

We provide also pre-arbitration and post-arbitration, legal consultations, like drafting the arbitral clauses, helping in choosing the applicable law, etc

If you are drafting a contract, and you are not sure which ADR clause to include, we can help you to make the perfect choice.