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North Egypt Chamber for D.R.

Legal Innovations

About us


NECDR is a dispute resolution chamber, established as a civil partnership on the Toronto law Firm model and provides services of Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and legal consultations. Its Head Quarter is located in New Damietta city, Damietta province, North Egypt. According to this, we are the first ADR center in Damietta province.

 NECDR have the most skillful ADR experts in North Egypt, most of our ADR experts have been trained in the best National and International training centers.

We also have a number of very skillful M&A experts that can handle any M&A operation from A to Z.

Our research center is considered one of the best legal research centers in north Egypt, with the motto "Pure Professionals" our research center never take sides, our researchers usually write their purely professional technical essays with zero censorship from the chamber's administration.

As we are a de jure ADR chamber, we have the right, according to the Egyptian law, to give our ADR experts the precious title counselor, which do not mean advisor at all, but means in Egypt, the one who make rule in cases. So, it to be carried only by Judges and ADR expert.

Since the first days in the life of NECDR, we became the number one Mediation center in all fields in north Egypt as all ECMA's mediators left ECMA and joined NECDR.

We are right now establishing a penal of technical experts which must be good enough to carry the name "NECDR penal of technical experts", or it shall be revoked.

Our philosophy

For the ADR Experts

We do NOT care about the number of our ADR experts; we care only about the quality of them.

Some Chambers usually add any arbitrator or mediator to their ADR experts list if he took 12 hours ADR training.

Things are different here in NECDR; we very carefully handpick our ADR experts.

For our Clients

We seek long-term relationship with our clients

For our client we get started by showing him that we can do all the legal business for him, All the ADR of course, but also we have well trained Solicitors and do have alliances with law firms that can provides us with barristers when needed. So there is no reason for our client to go elsewhere.