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North Egypt Chamber for D.R.

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NECDR Arbitrators, Mediators and Negotiators

This is a full register of our ADR Experts. Thanks to them we are now the most recommended dispute resolution chamber in north Egypt.

Membership no. Name e-mail Fields of Expertise Photo. Bio.
101 Medhat Mahmoud El-Banna Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Company law, International commercial law, M&A

103 Emad Mosaad El-Sabeaa   Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Civil Law
104 El-Sayed Towfeek Dorgham Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Administrative Law
105 Amr Mohamed El-Shall Mediation, Negotiation
106 Adham Mohamed Rostom   Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Civil Law, Commercial law
107 Mohamed Mostafa Abd El-Hameed   Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Civil Law, Commercial law
108 Mohamed Mahmoud Serag   Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation
109 Walaa Abd El-Salam Abd El- Hameed   Arbitration, Negotiation, M&A
111 Hasan Mohamed El-Hadad Mediation, Negotiation, Company Law
112 Ahmed Foaad El-Azazy Arbitration
113 Mohamed Ali Abo-Gad Arbitration, Mediation, Civil law, Administrative law
114 Mohamed Mahmoud Salih   Arbitration
115 Wafaa Mohamed El-Der Negotiation
116 Aasim Mohamed El-Der   Arbitration, Public Law
117 Tamr Taha Ahmed   Arbitration
118     Arbitration
119 Deniz Kite   Mediation, Negotiation
120 Ahmed Ali H N Al-Neama   Arbitration
121 Asma Ali M Jassim   Arbitration
122 Jabir Hassen A H Al-Jabir   Arbitration
123 Khalid Mohd A A Al-Buainain   Arbitration
124 AbdelRaouf Mohd A Gharaibeh   Arbitration
125 A.Aziz Ahmed H M Al-Siddiqi   Arbitration
126 Dr. Eng. Abdelkarim A A Salameh   Arbitration
127 Issa Elsayed Issa Elsayed   Arbitration
128 Ghanim Hamad R S Al-Remaihi   Arbitration
129 Fahad Mohd Q S Al-Ansari   Arbitration
130 Almajeda Hassen A K Al-Kuwari   Arbitration
131 Mubarak Mohamed A A Alboainin   Arbitration
132 Mohammed Ibrahim Fouad Mohammed   Arbitration
133 Mohamed Abdellah   Arbitration
134 Mohammed Deyab M D Al-Sahli   Arbitration
135 Nasser Khelaif S A Al-Shamari   Arbitration
136 Youssef Abdalla Youssef Ali   Arbitration